Little Yawn: magical bedding for kids

Little Yawn kids bedding home decor Narnia

Melbourne label Little Yawn launched its debut collection on Sunday, a kids bedding range inspired the magical world of Narnia. Transform your child’s bedroom into a wonderful place where beavers talk, kids ride lions and fight with magical swords and arrows, and unicorns do battle!

Little Yawn was founded by sisters Lynn and Natalie Cheng after years of buying scratchy, non-sustainable bedding that did nothing to alleviate their children’s allergies. They set out to create a sustainable, ethical and ecologically friendly brand that kids & adults would fall in love with. But what really sets them apart from the big guys is their commitment to the environment – Little Yawn’s goal is to create a high quality ethical products for children while making their bedrooms look incredible.


Five minutes with Lynn Cheng, co-founder of Little Yawn…

What inspired you to launch a kids bedding brand?
All of our children are highly allergic and it was difficult to find quality bed linen that was made in Australia, free of toxins and wasn’t plain and boring.

We are so happy to bring to parents our product. Every item is screenprinted and made in Melbourne, on 100% organic certified cotton using non-toxic water based dyes. All of our products are certified by the Global Organic Textile standard (GOTS). The term ‘organic’ gets thrown around a bit. Being GOTS certified means our bedding is the highest organic standard possible. It also requires a high-level of compliance with social criteria, including wages, hours and conditions.

The making of conventional non organic cotton involves some 82 chemicals, consuming vast amounts of chemicals in the form of fertilizers, pesticides and finishing aids such as formaldehyde. These chemicals are absorbed through our skin and through our lungs, especially when body heat causes them to vaporize as it does during sleep. Our cotton is free of all these toxins and furthermore more durable.

What were your & Natalie’s backgrounds prior to launching Little Yawn?
My sister Natalie is a designer and creative with 10 years of experience in the Advertising industry as an award winning Digital Art Director. She is amazing – I’m so proud of her! She has worked on some incredible campaigns and even has a handful of awards under her belt.

My background is quite different. I studied Law and Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne and worked as a lawyer before deciding to follow my passion for fashion and buying. For the last 8 years I’ve worked at a number of large retailers as a Buyer and Product Developer.

We have wanted to worked together for ages, with Nat’s experience in design and my experience in production and buying we thought it was a great match!

How many children do you have between the two of you?
Three, all under the age of 3! It’s hectic but fun. They have joined us on excursions to see screen printers and the makers.

Little Yawn kids bedding home decor Narnia

Can you give us a quick overview of the process involved in creating the range?
When we first started we were just bursting at the seams with ideas, we couldn’t stop calling and talking to each other! We reminisced about all the crazy dreams we had when we were kids. We love that as a kid your dreams are boundless!

We laid out our ideas and then put together inspiration boards under different categories. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe had the most appeal to the both of us. I really think it encompasses everything that we are about – mythical worlds and crazy dreams.

Following this decision we then concentrated on the actual bedding. We worked both by hand (sketching) and digitally on each piece. Then these concepts were put together to see whether they worked cohesively as a range. This was really important because we want people to be able to mix and match the bedding – for example the colours had to compliment each other.

We then worked with screen printers – finalising the screens and colours and ensuring they are exactly what we envisioned. After printing the products we worked with a local manufacturer in getting them made.

How important was it to keep the brand within Australia?
Our values are super important to us. Being ethical, ecological and sustainable. It’s important we support local businesses and are an ethical company. Having all our products printed and made just a short drive away, means we have great friendships with everyone involved. We also have the piece of mind that everyone is paid well. It also enables us to keep a close eye on our production and quality.

Little Yawn kids bedding home decor Narnia
Photographer Eve Wilson // Stylist Paige Anderson
Props and clothing from Minti, Ladedah Kids, Norsu Interiors, The Woodsfolk, Poppies for Grace Peter Mclisky, Maiike, Third Drawer Down, Uimi and Paper Empire.

View the ‘Return to Aslan’ collection on the Little Yawn website.


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