Lash & brow tint with Julienne Permascara

Julienne 45 day Permascara lash & brow dye kit

I’ve always been curious about using a lash & brow tint, because I’m inherently lazy and love the idea of a product that stops the need for mascara and brow products every single day! So when the Julienne 45 Day Permascara lash & brow tint* was offered to me, I jumped at the chance. It promised a permanent, water-resistant tint in only 10 minutes, which definitely appealed to the easily distracted side of me!

The process

It’s fairly straight forward. Rub vasoline around your eyebrows and eyelid, ensuring the tint doesn’t get on your skin. Mix equal parts tint and cream developer in the small plastic dish supplied. Apply to clean brows and lashes using the small mascara wand. The brow tint only takes 45-60 seconds to develop, and the lash tint needs to stay on for 10 minutes. Remove with a dampened cotton pad. It’s easy and effective, and doesn’t take much time out of your day.

I did run into 2 problems! First, the plastic dish is too deep to properly coat the wand, and all of the tint sticks to the end. I’ve ended up just mixing it on the flat part of the plastic instead, as the formula is solid enough that it doesn’t run anywhere. Second, I struggled with the protective tint pads that you’re supposed to stick under your eyes to protect the skin. Honestly I found them painful and unnecessary, as they pulled at my skin no matter where I put them, so I’ve thrown them out!

The results

Now obviously, I do have naturally dark hair, so I wasn’t expecting any miracles. What I thought I’d get was a little extra length, because brows and lashes are generally lighter at the ends. So I was surprised to discover that with my brows in particular, the colour was actually more intense at the roots! It also seemed to pick up some of the smaller, lighter hairs, making my brows look thicker (yay!). But the main difference was the depth of colour. The black in my brows changed to a warm, deep brown colour. And I can’t speak for the 45 day guarantee, but it definitely lasts at least 30. I can’t seem to last any longer without re-applying, especially because it was the roots that seemed to benefit the most for me!

Before and After Julienne Permascara lash brow tint

While it isn’t an enormous change – the fact that there IS a change, on my already dark hair, gives me confidence that this would work wonders for people with light / sparse lashes & brows. The hassle involved with my lashes probably wasn’t worth it for the results, but I’ve definitely continued with the brow tint. Even if I’m the only one who actually sees the difference!

Have you, or would you, use an at-home lash & brow tint?

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