Jurlique facial: behind the curtain

2015 is an important year for Jurlique – it’s their 30th birthday! And to help celebrate, I was lucky enough to experience a Jurlique facial. Just in time for my own birthday! To say it was an hour of pure bliss doesn’t begin to cover it. I had the classic signature facial* at the Macquarie Centre spa. They have a specialised room behind their storefront, dimly lit and warm, where you feel relaxed the moment you walk through the door (and even more so once you lie down, and discover an electric blanket underneath you!).

The facial started with a professional brush cleanse and skin analysis, where my Beauty Therapist, the delightful Gloria, studied my skin underneath a magnifying mirror. She agreed with my main area of concern – aggravated and clogged pores around my chin – and also advised that I had dry skin around my hairline, which was news to me! She suggested addressing my specific concerns with gentle, calming products, perfect for a blogger who changes her routine regularly.

Jurlique facial classic signature spa relax

I made every effort not to doze off during my facial, so that I could let you know the order of the products used! These were:

Jurlique facial classic signature products spa

Once the hour was up for my Jurlique facial, Gloria made me a cup of tea and we sat down to discuss the products she had used. She explained the ins and outs of each of them, from showing me the little beads in the gel mask to explaining why a serum or spray is an important step before applying any moisturiser (they open the pores and prepare the skin). She was so knowledgeable and passionate, and we probably spent a good 30 minutes chatting – good thing they didn’t have anyone booked in after me!

The following week, I received a number of the products that had been used during my Jurlique facial, so that I could continue the routine and look after my skin in between trialing other skincare ranges. While they all have their benefits, I think my favourite is the Calendula Mist, simply because it’s such a pick-me-up and can be used at any time of the day!

Jurlique facial classic signature products

Please let me know if you have any questions about the specific products used, and I’ll let you know my opinions on them. But I definitely recommend visiting your local Jurlique spa for one of their gorgeous facials – they start at $85, and are worth every cent, especially considering the number of products used – and if Macquarie is your closest store, say hi to Gloria for me!

Have you experienced a Jurlique facial before?

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