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‘Stop staring at me you weirdo!’

It was year 9, and there was something different about my friend. I was busy staring at her eyes, trying to figure out exactly what was making them look.. so… adult, when she made this comment. I was mortified that she’d caught me staring, and let the conversation move on instead of just asking her what she’d done differently. I figured it was some complicated & expensive make-up routine that my mum would never approve of.

(Now,  as far as parents go my mum wasn’t strict – except when it came to make-up and various other beauty routines. She personally waxed my legs for 2 years before giving in and letting me shave, and she only showed me how to tweeze my eyebrows after I’d gone ahead and destroyed them by plucking above the line – gah, I know!)

So I was completely ignorant about make-up, and by the time I’d given it any thought, my friends were miles ahead of me. And I was too embarrassed to admit that I knew nothing (sadly this was in the days before YouTube – now that would’ve been a lifesaver!).

And so, 12 years later, I’ve found myself wanting to learn. Finally.

This is where Bubbles & Blush comes in (do you like the name?).

And for a bit more purpose than just ‘test beauty products‘, I’ve decided I will focus entirely on Australian brands – because there are actually a lot out there, and I definitely want to do more to support local trade.

Join me as I take a trip down the beauty isle!

About Amy | The Foolish Obsession

Amy is a bunny-owning, floral-loving Sydney girl, excited to bring her love of Australian beauty, skincare & lifestyle services to a larger audience.

  • I know nothing about make-up either. LOL!

    • Well I hope you stick around & learn with me! I’ll be uploading my first ‘proper’ post in 1 week.
      (I also work in publishing, so have followed your blog so I can read your writing!)

  • That eyebrow story has made my night! Cannot stop giggling, I did the same thing. It’s funny when I look back on how naïve I used to be 🙂 I’m obsessed with your blog by the way! I love the way you focus on all aussie products, keep up the good work! x

    • I just wish I’d been more upfront about asking people for advice instead of either doing it wrong, or ignoring it completely. But we definitely all have those stories hey!

      Thanks so much for your support, it’s so lovely to know that people are enjoying it – and your blog is gorgeous as well, I think I’ve commented on every post so far haha! xx