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‘Stop staring at me you weirdo!’

It was year 9, and there was something different about my friend. I was busy staring at her eyes, trying to figure out exactly what was making them look.. so… adult, when she made this comment. I was mortified that she’d caught me staring, and let the conversation move on instead of just asking her what she’d done differently. I figured it was some complicated & expensive make-up routine that my mum would never approve of.

(Now,  as far as parents go my mum wasn’t strict – except when it came to make-up and various other beauty routines. She personally waxed my legs for 2 years before giving in and letting me shave, and she only showed me how to tweeze my eyebrows after I’d gone ahead and destroyed them by plucking above the line – gah, I know!)

So I was completely ignorant about make-up, and by the time I’d given it any thought, my friends were miles ahead of me. And I was too embarrassed to admit that I knew nothing (sadly this was in the days before YouTube – now that would’ve been a lifesaver!).

And so, 12 years later, I’ve found myself wanting to learn. Finally.

This is where Bubbles & Blush comes in (do you like the name?).

And for a bit more purpose than just ‘test beauty products‘, I’ve decided I will focus entirely on Australian brands – because there are actually a lot out there, and I definitely want to do more to support local trade.

Join me as I take a trip down the beauty isle!

About Amy | The Foolish Obsession

Amy is a bunny-owning, floral-loving Sydney girl, excited to bring her love of Australian beauty, skincare & lifestyle services to a larger audience.