Innoxa Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Face Palette

Innoxa Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Palette

While concealers tend to get a good rap, correctors are often seen as the daggy cousins. They’re loud, lairy and a little old fashioned. But the highly coveted Innoxa Cover & Correct Palette* is here to change that. One look and you’ll agree – correctors are definitely fashionable now! They’ve earned their place alongside the concealers, and have formed a trendy Kardashian-esque palette, where each shade is wonderful on its own, but together they’re an absolute powerhouse! (I may have seen too many articles on Kendall & Kylie’s recent trip down under…)

The chic casing houses 4 cream correctors and 2 cream concealers, plus an inbuilt mirror. And for the newbies, the handy chart on the bottom of the box is also repeated on the underside of the palette, so you’ll always know which shade covers redness, or neutralises purple, without any hassle. But for those of you reading along right now:

  • Yellow: neutralise purple under eyes
  • Green: reduce redness
  • Purple: reduce unwanted yellow undertones
  • Apricot: brighten complexion
  • Light and Dark Concealers: conceal imperfections

Innoxa Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Palette

Innoxa Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Palette

The packaging recommends using your finger for application, which I found to be the best option anyway – a brush was too streaky with uneven coverage, and a sponge left it a little patchy, especially under my eyes. If you’re worried about spreading bacteria, just be sure to wash your hands before & after. It’s not like you’ll want to share this with anyone else anyway!

The yellow was probably the most lightweight formula, which makes sense being designed for the eye area, and the green was definitely the heaviest, completely obliterating any signs of redness. All shades are super creamy and blend like a dream, with no tugging or flaking, and they smooth the skin without clogging your pores. My favourite is the apricot shade, because of it’s versatility, but I’m definitely using all of them regularly.

Innoxa Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Palette swatch

When I first used the correctors, I felt like I was auditioning for the local circus! Each shade did what it was supposed to, but who was looking for mild redness and dark circles when I had a green nose? (I should’ve taken a photo of that! Whoops. Maybe keep an eye on Instagram!)

Putting aside my apprehension, I applied my liquid foundation, and was in awe of the amazing outcome. The cream correctors provided a flawless base for my foundation, leaving my skin looking smooth, bright and healthy! And I only needed light coverage to achieve what normally takes a lot more. I know the product is called cover & correct, so I shouldn’t be so surprised, but it’s always nice when a product does exactly what it says – even better when it does it well!

Probably the only negative would be that the concealer shades are both quite dark – with the light shade being perfect for my medium/olive skin – so not suitable for fair-skinned girls. Other than that, the corrector shades are universal, and they can all be applied as thin or thick as you like, depending on how much correcting & concealing you need to do.

But given that this perfect base gave me the confidence to post my first ever extreme-facial-close-up on Instagram, it’s safe to say I’m loving it!

Which cover & correct shade are you most excited for?

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