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Hypoxi weight loss - cycling on the L250 at the Circular Quay studio

Quick & easy weight loss. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Right?

Think again! Hypoxi combines specialised equipment with low impact exercise for targeted body shaping, promising results in just 4 weeks. The 30 minute workouts can be done in your lunch break, and they’re effective for all fitness types – whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or have hit a plateau, and can’t shift those final centimetres.

Developed in the mid 1990’s by an Austrian sport scientist, the Hypoxi machines stimulate blood flow to the problematic areas (stomach, hips and thighs) through the application of unique vacuum therapy, making it an effective treatment for targeted fat loss and cellulite reduction.

Hypoxi weight loss at the Sydney Circular Quay studio

Each Hypoxi studio is individually owned, meaning the person working with you is invested in your success, and wants to see results just as much – if not more – than you do! I visited the Hypoxi Circular Quay studio, owned by the dynamic & knowledgeable Bohdana, who also owns the Lane Cove studio. Aside from owning the two studios, she also works part time in a corporate role and has three young children. So she understands the pressures of modern life, and was a wonderful source of support and information during my sessions.

My first session kicked off with a consultation, where Bohdana assessed my requirements and objectives. Given how specialised the Hypoxi machines are, there aren’t too many questions asked, which is very different to starting at a fitness club. We worked out my Hypoxi weight loss plan: I would visit the studio 3 times a week, for 4 consecutive weeks. I’d begin with 15 minutes in the HDC, followed by 30 minutes in one of the cycling machines.

First up: the Hypoxidermology (HDC) suit. This is a wetsuit lined with little suckers from your knees to your stomach. It warms your skin, prepping it for cycling while reducing cellulite. Your Hypoxi coach will help you step into it & zip you up – even after 4 weeks practice, I still couldn’t do it gracefully! You lie down, tubes are clipped onto the suit, and the compression begins. The suit sucks all of the air out until it feels like a second skin. Deep breaths if you struggle with claustrophobia! Then the tiny suckers begin massaging your skin, working their magic while you fall asleep. 15 minutes goes far too quickly! I didn’t notice any change in my skin tone, but I definitely felt warmer after coming out of the HDC suit.

Hypoxi weight loss - inside the Hypoxidermology (HDC) suit

Next, it was time for some low-impact exercise. You’re fitted with a heart-rate monitor and a rubber hoop, which sits around your stomach and locks you into the Hypoxi machine. Once inside the machine, it’s up to you to do some work! The aim is to stay inside the fat-burning zone, which means keeping your heart rate below 135 bpm and cycling between 55-65 rpm. This shouldn’t be too strenuous, and I found it easy to maintain for the 30 minutes. The rubber hoop sucks in and out as the machine applies vacuum therapy, transporting fatty acids from your problem areas and using them as fuel for your body.

I switched between the L250 and S120 (L for lying down, S for sitting!) depending on which machine was available, as they both work the same areas and offer the same results. I preferred the L250 as the movement was less familiar, meaning I concentrated better on movement and motion. The S120 was too easy and I found it slightly painful, as the vacuum sucks your butt down onto the already uncomfortable bike seat.

Hypoxi weight loss - sealed inside the L250 trainer

But with Hypoxi, weight loss & shedding those centimetres is about a lot more than your time in the studio. To get the most out of my session, I had breakfast at least 1 hour prior to my appointment (1-2 hours is recommended), so that I was burning fat rather than fuel. I then had ZERO carbs for 4-6 hours after I left the studio. I found these fairly easy to stick to, as results are all about holding yourself accountable – Bohdana had me keep a food/drink diary for the first 2 weeks so that we could monitor my habits and find room for improvement, and she was willing to help with everything from fitness to food to photography – she even learnt to use my DSLR to take the wonderful photos in this review! If you’re going to pay for Hypoxi, make sure you utilise all aspects of it, including your coach.

My real girl Hypoxi weight loss results

  • Weight -1.8kg
  • Waist -2.5
  • Stomach -4
  • Hips -3
  • Bottom -1.5
  • Legs -4
  • Contracted leg -3
  • Relaxed leg -2.5
  • Knee -1.5

Overall, I’m happy with the centimetres that I lost, without any major lifestyle changes. However, Hypoxi is part of a routine, and losing centimetres doesn’t equal fitness, health or firm skin. You wouldn’t pay for a PT, but make no other changes, would you? Better results would be achieved by taking a holistic approach to weight loss, combining it with health & fitness, but honestly – jeans I haven’t worn in a year suddenly fit, so in the lead up to Christmas, what more can you ask for?!


12 x sessions in any of the machines (HDC, L250, S120) = $690
Combination Hypoxi (L250, S120) / Dermology (HDC) = $1180

Prices may vary, so call your nearest studio to see what options are available.

Hypoxi Circular Quay // Bohdana Zajickova
Mobile: 0416 046 339
Email: hypoxicentre.cdbnorth@gmail.com


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