How Airtasker saved my sanity!

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“I would totally pay someone to spend an hour grooming him for us!”

This was a sentence I said recently to my fiancée, as our bunny has started his winter moult, wreaking fluffy havoc in our apartment. So it seemed like serendipity when I received an email from Airtasker, introducing their online task-based marketplace!

Airtasker was founded in 2011 when two mates came up with the idea of connecting everyday people with skilled locals. They were moving house at the time, and wanted someone else to help with the mundane tasks – packing boxes, cleaning, assembling new furniture. They created Airtasker and obviously hit an untapped market, as they now have thousands of users posting & completing tasks on a daily basis. The requests I’ve seen vary from assembling IKEA furniture to finding a specific Hermès Birkin!

I was offered some complimentary credit from Airtasker, so I crossed 2 tasks off my to do list and handed them over to strangers. Curious? Find out more below…

Airtasker home cleaning and animal care
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Posting a task & accepting an offer

The process is super straightforward. Simply sign up & hit the big pink ‘Post a Task’ button. Skilled Airtaskers will bid on your job, but you’re in charge of what you want done, and how much you’re willing to pay. Simply assign the task to the person you feel offers the best value, using previous reviews as a guide.

There were 5 offers for my first task (clean my 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment), and they ranged from $50 – $150. I selected a well-reviewed Airtasker who met my budget, and she arrived a few days later to spend 2 hours scrubbing and dusting. I’ve never seen our surfaces so clean!

My second task was a little more obscure: pet grooming for 1 rabbit. Only 1 offer was made, but it was from a woman 3 suburbs over who has 20+ years experience with small animals. Perfect! She asked to bring her teenage daughter, who’s had rabbits of her own and did work experience in a vet, and the two of them were wonderful. They were confident in handling Biscuit, and he was MUCH less fluffy after they left – my nose thanks them!

The best & the worst

Airtasker connects you with individuals, not a business. This is both the best and the worst part!

I love that it gives you the ability to outsource everyday tasks within your local community, connecting you with friendly locals who have a range of skills. These people work really hard to build their own reputation, so they’re thorough and professional.

However I learned that because cleaning is so common on Airtasker, workers may not read your ad properly – so if you have specific jobs you want done (mine were to remove mould from the bathroom roof, and clean the top of the dryer) make sure to mention them when the cleaner arrives.

They’re only human, so as long as you’re specific with your requests, you’ll end up connecting with some really great people – and getting sh!t done at the same time 😉

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Would you consider using Airtasker to help with your odd jobs?

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