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Healthy, youthful skin is always on trend. But as we age, keeping our skin plump and firm can be a challenge. People turn to surgical options, prodding and injecting their face with all manner of chemicals in an attempt to ward off wrinkles. You can even get a facelift in your lunch break! But Grace Cosmetics have come up with a natural, non-surgical alternative, harnessing the ability of aloe vera to increase the body’s natural collagen production.

Grace Cosmetics Non-Surgical Facelift Kit

Grace Cosmetics is a family owned and operated company based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. They are passionate about providing a natural & botanical cosmeceutical skincare range free from harmful chemicals and toxins, and they focus on aloe vera due to the many benefits it offers, including:

  • Stimulates collagen production, plus many other anti-ageing benefits

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling or redness

  • Penetrates deep into the dermis carrying essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes

  • Is a natural humectant drawing moisture to the skin.

The Grace Non-Surgical Facelift Kit* is surprisingly unassuming, given the promises it makes. It contains Firming Face Lift Powder, Aloe Face Lift Activator, and Vital Skin Oils, plus a brush. This kit enables you to reduce (and even reverse!) the signs of ageing and pigmentation, refresh tired skin and instantly tighten and tone for an immediate benefit.

Protecting and nourishing the skin

The Vital Skin Oils is recommended for use both before and after the face mask is applied. It protects the delicate skin tissue around your eyes and mouth when the mask is active, and then restores essential vitamins and stimulates skin elasticity after the mask has been washed off. It boasts an impressive list of botanical oils designed to hydrate and repair, including jojoba, avocado, apricot, sesame, safflower and aloe vera, making it ideal for use on a daily basis – especially if you’re in an air-conditioned office or dealing with the elements.

Grace Cosmetics Facelift Vital Skin Oils

The 30 minute facelift

The mask is created by mixing 1 heaped teaspoon of the Firming Face Lift Powder with 1 teaspoon of  Aloe Face Lift Activator to form a (rather unattractive) paste. Using the brush, apply to face and throat in an upward direction. Then, use the remaining mixture to apply outwards and upwards, creating a cross-motion that assists to tighten your facial muscles.

Relax for 30 minutes, and make a solid effort not to talk or laugh. It’s best to do this alone, and not while watching a comedy! (My current obsession is Utopia – but I can’t watch it when giving myself a Grace Cosmetics facelift, as it literally has me laughing out loud)

The cosmeceutical grade actives in this mask mean that you can feel it working. Your skin will be pulled tight, and you may find it quite itchy towards the end. Resist the urge to scratch! It will all be worth it. You are ‘exercising’ your facial muscles, and this discomfort will fade after a few uses. Once 30 minutes is up, remove the mask by applying a warm face towel, loosening the mixture until you are able to wash it off without rubbing.

Now I’m only 29, and not exactly struggling with wrinkles or dull skin tone yet, but even I can notice an instant improvement – my face feels flushed, which would indicate better circulation, and my skin feels plumper and smoother. So while I can’t offer immediate proof myself, the claims that it restores elasticity and promotes a youthful appearance seem totally believable based on my own experience. And as far as the alternatives go, this seems like a perfectly safe way to achieve a facelift without any risks.

Grace Cosmetics Facelift Mixture

Grace Cosmetics Non-Surgical Facelift

Disclaimer: I totally forgot to apply the Vital Skin Oils around my mouth when photographing this, and you can see how much it pulls! Especially when asking my husband to take a photo, when I’m not supposed to be moving my face. Do as I say, not as I do, right? If you stay relaxed and incommunicado for the full 30 minutes, you won’t get as many cracks in the mask as I have above! (and yes, opening your eyes is an effort once the mask has set, which is why I look so sad in the second photo…)

Grace Cosmetics Firming Facelift Powder

While the ‘facelift’ effects haven’t been particularly obvious to me, I have definitely noticed that my skin is brighter and smoother. And I’ve just read a consumer review praising its values as a foot mask as well, which made me wonder about using it on my bust and decolletage – perhaps it might help with lift there?! Maybe a review for another day 😉

Would you try a natural facelift alternative?


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