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Everyone loves a success story! Launched online in 2013 with their coffee scrub, Frank Body has expanded their range to 15 products and are now stocked in beauty stores all over the world. Their cheeky brand identity has garnered a cult following, with customers happily sharing photos of themselves bathing with frank all over Instagram – so do their products live up to the hype?

Frank Body facial range & coffee scrub
“What’s soft, smooth & supple all over? You, after you use what’s in this box.”

Inspired by the move towards natural health products, the coffee-based range is vegan, non-toxic and tested on babes, not bunnies!

And Frank Body’s golden child is their OG coffee scrub. Now available in 5 blends (original, peppermint, cacao, coconut and shimmer), I’ve only tried the Original Coffee Scrub* so far, and rave reviews aside, I didn’t have high expectations when I first used it – it’s a scrub, how impressive can it be?

Well! Let’s just say I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong. This is so much more than just a scrub. It’s an exfoliator, cleanser and moisturiser all in one! The coffee scrubs away at dry, flaky skin, while brown sugar & sea salt cleanse the skin, and almond oil soothes and hydrates. And it uses orange oil to give it a rich, delicious flavour, reminiscent of Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

The scrub perfectly toes the line between gritty and smooth, getting to work while nourishing your body. And it doesn’t take long – simply lather up, chill out for 5 mins, then rinse. Your skin will feel ridiculously soft, and after a few uses you’ll definitely feel perkier and smoother. I noticed a visible reduction in the cellulite that’s starting to appear on my booty, and it kept my keratosis pilaris at bay too. I’m already onto my second pack, and it certainly won’t be my last!

The sister-product to the scrub is the Body Balm*. And as much as I wanted to love this, I just can’t. It has all the right ingredients – coconut oil, cocoa and shea butters, natural oils (grape, almond, orange, vitamin E) – but they don’t play nicely. The oil-based ingredients are too runny and the cream-based ingredients don’t combine properly. So when you squeeze the tube, you end up with a whole lot of oil and some very suspicious looking creamy chunks that you have to really work to get out. I thought maybe my first tube was faulty, but the second tube was exactly the same. So while it does moisturise and smooth, and leaves my skin super glowy, the mess & wasted product isn’t worth it for me.

Frank Body original coffee body scrub

Frank Body original coffee body scrub ingredients

Now the face range is still fairly new to the Frank Body family, so I was excited to give them a go! The range works to hydrate & brighten, making it the perfect secret weapon to recover from a big night.

I was immediately drawn to the Creamy Face Cleanser* because it combines coffee and charcoal, two totally on-trend ingredients. The gently foaming formula removes makeup and grime while soothing your skin, and you only need to massage lightly for a deep clean. The charcoal gives it an earthy scent, which disappears once rinsed. I find that this leaves my skin toned without that tight, taut feeling, and it definitely helps clear up any acne.

Looking for something tougher? The fine grind of coffee in the Creamy Face Scrub* is perfect for a twice weekly exfoliation. With ground coffee beans and walnut shells to gently buff away dead skin cells, white clay to detoxify, and rosehip oil to brighten and hydrate, this is one mighty little scrub. You’ll want to leave this on for 3 minutes before rinsing, allowing your skin to absorb all the good oils – and pull the bad ones to the surface!

Frank Body sweet cheeks skincare kit
(L>R: Creamy Face Scrub, Everyday Face Moisturiser, Glow Mask, Creamy Face Cleanser)

Frank Body facial range & coffee scrub

Frank Body babes

I think the Glow Mask* is one of the more innovative products in their range, and a friend had already sold me on this before I even had it in my hands! This is a morning wake-up for your skin, delivering intense hydration in just 5 minutes. The shea & cocoa butters lock in moisture (and smell like white chocolate), while goji berry, cranberry and raspberry extracts brighten your complexion and boost your antioxidant protection. It’s genuinely the first mask I’ve ever used in the morning, and it’s been a total revelation for my skin! It’s so thick and luxurious, and my skin always feels so plump and glowy afterwards. And of course, the coffee helps wake you up too – which is great for someone like me who doesn’t drink coffee (cue the gasps!).

And of course, my Frank Body routine wouldn’t be complete without the Everyday Face Moisture* to seal in the goodness and nourish my skin all day long. The lightweight formula, packed with happy antioxidants, makes it perfect year-round, and it’s suuuper hydrating without clogging your pores (#oilyskinproblems). And reducing dehydration creates a flawless base for your makeup! I love how gentle this is, and I can tell it will be a regular addition to my routine once summer rolls around.

Frank Body facial range & coffee scrub

With nothing over $25, and kits to cover any scenario, there’s no reason not to have frank in your life. Plus, the packaging is so adorable, you’ll want to show it off!

Have you got dirty with Frank Body yet?


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