Feeling very sorry for myself!

I have absolutely nothing exciting to say right now – except a huge apology for neglecting the blog this week. I’ve been struck down by a virus & haven’t been able to concentrate at all. I’m sore & whiny & emotional – my boyfriend got home from cricket an hour ago and I burst into tears. He’s now fetching me some chicken noodle soup, bless him! Sometimes you just need to be looked after.

(on the plus side, being sick means more time with this little nugget!)

I started writing a review on Thursday but kept falling asleep. Trust me, I’d rather be writing reviews than sleeping for 4 days straight! But unfortunately there’s nothing I can do except wait to get better.

If you’ve done anything exciting recently, or seen anything cute or funny – please share in the comments! I’m going crazy from being cooped up & would really appreciate some stories 🙂

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