ECO. Pimple Clear

ECO Pimple Clear

We all have our own little home remedies for getting rid of pimples fast. I’m guilty of dabbing on some toothpaste. The father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding was obsessed with Windex. But how about the more natural options that don’t harm our skin? Luckily for us, ECO is all over it, and they have created a delightfully simple acne treatment that eliminates pesky pimples overnight – from my on, my toothpaste will only be going on my toothbrush!

Containing only two ingredients, the ECO. Pimple Clear* is the ideal product for naturally clear skin. First up we have tea tree oil, known for its antibacterial properties. Studies show that it it just as effective at clearing acne as Benzac AC, but with less irritation. On its own however, tea tree oil can sometimes cause dryness and itching. Which is why ECO have combined it with lavender oil, helping to heal and soothe the skin, giving relief to any sensitivity. Plus, these two ingredients both inhibit the bacteria that causes acne and regulate sebum production, making them an incredibly powerful duo in the fight against pimples!

ECO Pimple Clear

The 10ml bottle has a dropper-style lid, which slowly dispenses liquid so that it doesn’t leak everywhere. I’ve found the best way to use this is to tip it over a cotton bud. Using a cotton bud enables me to target the pimple directly, attacking the congested area without drying out the surrounding skin. It’s also more hygienic than using my fingers!

It’s best to use this at night, after cleansing skin. Allow time for it to soak in before using moisturiser. If I get to a pimple early enough, one night is usually enough to clear it. However, if it’s one of those incredibly painful blind pimples (ugh, the worst!), you’ll need to give it a good 2-3 nights – and maybe a daytime application if you really want, as long as you don’t put makeup over the top of it – but you should notice an improvement after the first night.

Safe to say, this little potion works wonders, and I’m so relieved that I’ve found a natural solution to dry out those pesky pimples whilst caring for my skin.

ECO Pimple Clear


ECO. Pimple Clear  10ml   RRP $12.00

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