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I used to hate my hair. It’s naturally straight, so of course I grew up dreaming of unruly curls! But as I’ve gotten older – and lazier – I’ve discovered a new appreciation for how easy & effortless it is. I’m always astonished when I find out most people have to spend more than 5 minutes on it every day! (#humblebrag #sorrynotsorry) So I’m a big fan of gentle, natural haircare designed to nourish and protect my hair’s natural state – which is something Davroe and I have in common. This little Aussie brand packs a big punch, with their philosophy of ‘hair wellness’ relying on natural plant-based ingredients that work with your hair.

Davroe hair wellness for healthy hair

While each range uses their own blend of botanical extracts to enhance their purpose and performance, there are three key ingredients that feature in the majority of their products:

  • Kakadu Plum: this Australian native is the world’s richest natural fruit source of Vitamin C, containing 50 times the amount found in oranges!
  • Grape Seed Extract: one of the most powerful antioxidants available, this helps keep hair soft & vibrant, by slowing the ageing process and protecting hair & scalp from free radicals
  • Olive Leaf Extract: another antioxidant-rich extract, this protects your hair from free radical damage & improves hair elasticity

Using natural ingredients makes sense, especially in the harsh Australian climate, where we need to protect hair against environmental, heat and UV damage.

And also, how great is it that Davroe offer smaller ‘sample size’ options for purchase? I love this idea! It gives you the opportunity to try more than you might normally, and then go back for the full-size options when you find the ones that work best for your hair. Brilliant!

Davroe volume senses shampoo and conditioner

Davroe Volume Senses shampoo & conditioner*

My obsession with curls has mellowed over time, leading me to crave volume instead. So when products promise ‘thicker, fuller, healthier voluminous hair’, it’s useless trying to resist! The natural active in this range is Watercress, which increases volume by reducing hair loss, keeping your scalp hydrated and keeping bacterial infections at bay. A clean, healthy scalp will encourage hair growth, and I definitely noticed that my hair felt both thicker and lighter, which I guess makes sense when you think about how the ingredients are working.

I used these until they were both empty (the shampoo before the conditioner, always), and was surprised at how effective they were for ‘natural’ products. You know how some sulphate-free shampoos have zero lather, and you need to use heaps for them to work? Yeah. Not so with Davroe! I used a normal coin-sized amount, and that was definitely enough for my shoulder-length hair. They both rinse out clean, and the lime/herb scent is subtly relaxing.

Davroe styling

Davroe styling

I’m not normally one for styling my hair, but I do love a bit of volume, structure and blow drying, so I picked a few products that would enhance my hair routine.

To really give my hair a boost, I follow the Volume Senses shampoo & conditioner with the Voluminous Spray, which helps my hair look & feel thicker and fuller. Simply spray & go – this almost works better if you leave your hair to air dry, giving it that natural, beachy look, while still nourishing it (as actual beachy hair often results in knots!).

Working in an office means I need to be somewhat presentable, so I do blow dry my hair most mornings. Which made Thermaprotect an easy choice! This does exactly what it promises, guarding the hair from heat styling, taming flyaways while keeping the hair’s natural bounce and shape. For extra hold, Formation* has been a surprising find. This versatile styling lotion adds body & shine without being too structured & gel-like, making my hair look effortlessly polished. It’s also great to help curls actually hold! Plus, it smells like a vodka lime & soda by the water 😉

Davroe wellbeing treatments

Davroe wellbeing treatments

Ah, now this is me in my natural element. Smoothing lotions and luxurious hair treatments!

After jumping on board the balayage train, my hair has been slightly less low-maintenance than usual. What do you mean I need to carefully comb my hair after washing? Where have these knots come from?! Tame* detangler to the rescue! This conditioning, detangling spray makes brushing your hair a breeze, while adding shine and protecting colour from fading. And if you’re lazy like me, and don’t want to visit the hairdresser so often, a great everyday option is Ends Repair*. This strengthening treatment prevents breakage and split ends, smoothing hair and sealing the cuticle & ends. I love that it can be used on wet or dry hair – and when used on dry hair, it doesn’t weight it down or make it oily, which is a common gripe of mine.

For a more intensive treatment, the Luxe* leave-in masque is perfect for those on the go. Don’t have 30 mins to sit at home with a hair mask? This lightweight lotion looks after your hair throughout the day, providing sun & surf protection with no gross build-up! Hair is softer, healthier and more manageable – perfect for mums short on time, children who spend a lot of time outdoors or swimming, or anyone who needs extra protection – the mango scent makes it super popular with my husband as well, who loves when I use this!


I don’t think I’ve been able to say a single bad thing about the Davroe products I’ve tried. Oh, the spray pump on the Voluminous Spray doesn’t work every single time… but a packaging issue is hardly a big issue! I’m super impressed with everything, and actually forgot how much I loved some of these until I had to sit down & write about them. Can’t wait to try some more now!

How do you tame your mane?


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