Chi Chi Macaron Bath Bombs

Chi Chi Macaron Bubble Bath set bright

Bath bombs that look like macarons? Yes please! These delightful little treats are perfect to create a relaxing, girlie atmosphere while you soak the day away. Plus, unlike their sugary counterparts, they have zero calories!

The colours in the Chi Chi Macaron Bath Bombs are so vibrant, and each one has a different casing & filling, just like proper macarons – but please don’t try to eat these! I adore the slight inconsistencies in each of them, and the fact that the ‘cream’ filling seems to be spilling out. Whoever designed these needs a massive high five! They look so cute in my bathroom, and it was a real struggle to actually use a couple for this review.

Chi Chi Macaron Bath Set

This bright and stylish box makes a perfect gift, and each macaron bath bomb is individually wrapped so that they last longer, and are not exposed to moisture. You can open them one at a time, however it’s tough to actually get the wrapping off without destroying the bath bomb, so what I do is take one out to the kitchen and chop it in half with a sharp knife. I put half back into the box, and hold the other half under running bath water – still in the plastic casing, so it bubbles out and over. Any attempt to remove the plastic before just results in crumbly bath bomb everywhere.

These don’t create bubbles, so if you’re a fan of bubble baths (like I am), you may be disappointed. It’s more of a luxurious bath soak. But my main complaint is that they do not smell nearly as sweet & fruity as they look. It’s more of a sherbert/chemical combination, which is a let down for a product that looks as amazing as these do, and definitely something they could improve on. I was hoping for Zumbo-esque scents when opening these, and would love if each one had it’s own unique, fruity scent.

Chi Chi Macaron Bath Set open

So slightly hit & miss with these, but if you’re looking for a cute, affordable gift, I think anyone would be stoked to receive this set. They are also available in pastel shades.


The fine print:
Chi Chi Macaron Bath Set (Bright)  360g (6 macarons)   RRP $14.95

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