Celebrate Easter with Lush and Sydney Chocolate

Easter with Lush and Sydney Chocolate

The Easter bunny has delivered some deliciously ethical treats to TFO HQ this year! The limited edition Easter collection from Lush is available in stores now, and Sydney Chocolate will be offering special edition Easter eggs at local markets over the long weekend. But it’s the combination of both that would make for some VERY happy faces come Easter Sunday!


Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar*  $9.95 / 150g
Back for the second year, these re-usable bubble bars contain buchu, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit and (of course!) carrot oils, to revive the senses and rejuvenate your skin. Simply swish in your bath water or hold under running water for some refreshingly healthy bubbles, with a delicate citrus scent. Leave somewhere to dry between uses and you’ll get at least 10 baths from each carrot.

Golden Egg Bath Ballistic*  $6.50 / 115g
Coated with Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter, this delicious bath melt shell encases a fizzy bath bomb center, scented with the popular honey-toffee Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance that lingers for hours. Plus, it’s covered in golden glitter, which makes for a sensational bath experience – although be prepared to scrub the bath after use. It’s big enough for 2-3 uses, but I strongly recommend you treat yourself and throw the whole egg in!

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb*  $5.50 / 125g
This fantastically fizzy bath bunny is full of popping candy, so sit back and listen to him hop & pop around in the bath water – this is one for the kids, big or small! It has a relaxing, fresh herbal scent and a gorgeous pink center.

Pot O’Gold Shower Jelly*  $6.95 / 100g
This jelly is like nothing I’ve ever smelled before – it’s an intoxicatingly sweet combination of vanilla, myrrh and sweet orange oil that I can’t get enough of! It’s got a dash of shimmer to make it extra special, and you don’t need much to get a good creamy lather going, whether you’re using it like soap or applying to a loofah.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Soap*  $6.95 / 100g
Where troubles melt like lemon drops… with a brand new & uplifting blend of mandarin, neroli and rose, using this soap is like relaxing in a tropical garden. The substance is quite malleable and quick to lather, and contains a ‘snowflake lustre’, which gives the soap a frosted look.

You can find the rest of the Lush Easter collection on their website, or check it out in store!

Easter with Lush and Sydney Chocolate


Founded by Tahra Camidge, a pastry chef whose resume includes dessert institutions Gelato Messina and Black Star Pastry, Sydney Chocolate have created a wicked range of chocolate bars that reflect the particular flavour of certain Sydney suburbs. The idea was actually born on a trip to Copenhagen, where Camidge was able to reflect on the unique ‘tribes’ that we have in Sydney, and she wanted to capture these in a distinct and amusing way.  The cocoa is sourced in an ethical and sustainable way from a not for profit initiative in Ghana, and each bar is individually handcrafted right here in Sydney.

I was lucky enough to sample some of their limited edition Easter range, including a decadent 88% extra dark half egg* and a box of 60% dark chocolate half eggs* filled with gooey salted caramel – and this is proper grown-up caramel, rich and slightly bitter, matched perfectly with the dark chocolate shell. Make sure you grab these before Easter is over!

And of course, I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of their signature blocks:

Vaucluse // are you a gold digger?* $9.00 / 105g
Golden lumps of crunchy honeycomb smothered in couverture with a dash of sea salt. Available in milk & dark. This is quality, creamy chocolate with golden honeycomb pieces that gives a satisfying crunch – no sticky Crunchie-esque honeycomb here! – and a hint of sea salt to keep you coming back for more.

Palm Beach // so vanilla it won’t wrinkle the sheets* $9.00 / 105g
Fresh Madagascan vanilla bean seeds in creamy white couverture. This smooth, delicate chocolate has a vanilla flavour that’s pure without being too sweet, and is substantial enough that you only need a couple of squares at a time. Pure indulgence!

You can find the full range of suburban chocolate bars on their website, or stalk them on Instagram to find out which markets they’ll be appearing at next.

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