Budget brand clay masks

3 of the best budget brand clay masks // Premium Spa, Puretopia, Sukin

Facial clay masks are my go-to products when my skin is playing up. They detoxify, absorb excess oils and shrink your pores, making them ideal for anyone with acne-prone skin. My favourite clay masks use Kaolin, a naturally occurring soft white clay that has a long history in skincare. It reduces the production of sebum, exfoliates dead skin cells and eliminates toxins, leaving your skin fresh and firm. Many brands out there are using kaolin as a base, and then layering additional ingredients on top to further moisturise and revive your skin.

I’ve recently become obsessed with the Puretopia Purify & Revive Deep Cleansing Clay Mask*, so much that I’ve already re-purchased! This mask is pure white in colour, and has a fairly runny consistency, meaning you don’t need to use much each time. It has a light, floral scent which makes it really relaxing to use. The inclusion of rosehip oil, shea butter and niacinamide (B3) boost hydration and deeply nourish the skin. I find this super easy and efficient, and it’s light enough to use twice weekly. My skin always feels fresher after using this!

The Premium Spa Face & Body Mask* is a fairly heavy-duty mask, combining some really powerful ingredients. It uses a variety of oils (rosehip, bergamot, garanium, sage, sandalwood) to purify and hydrate, plus chamomile to calm the skin, witch hazel to fight acne and olive leaf extract to protect and moisturise. But a word of warning: there’s something in this that stings my eyes if I get too close, so probably not best for sensitive skin! I’ve taken to using this on the really clogged areas, like my chin, and then using a lighter mask around my nose and cheeks. It works wonders on my arms, neck and back though!

And last but not least, the Sukin Purifying Facial Masque which uses both kaolin and bentonite clays. The bentonite gives the added benefit of drawing out impurities and increasing circulation – just massage it into the skin as you rinse it off! It also makes the formula more ‘clay-like’ in texture, and  this is definitely the thickest of the lot. It smells fairly earthy, and uses soothing aloe vera and antioxidant rich rosehip oil to clean and soothe. It doesn’t dry too hard – none of that skin-cracking feeling! – and it’s suitable for all skin types.

TFO's best of the budget brand clay masks // Premium Spa, Puretopia, Sukin

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque

What are your favourite clay masks?

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