Breaking the rules: using colour and patterns in your home

Breaking the Rules using colours and patterns in your home

It’s easy to feel intimidated when you’re revamping your home. There are so many dos and don’ts to take note of, and whether you’re planning a full-scale redesign of your property or you simply want to freshen up your wallpaper, you might feel like you’re stepping into an interior design minefield. Bear in mind though, when it comes to using colour and patterns in your home, you have the prerogative to shake off conventions. Certain design rules are there to be broken, and if you free yourself from the shackles of conventional design wisdom, you can create some truly stunning results – and have lots of fun in the process!

Mix patterns at your peril

You might have heard that mixing patterns in your home is a big no no. However, as long as you’re savvy, it’s possible to use different designs in the same rooms to impressive effect. The key is to make sure these patterns blend well with each other. For example, you can balance a small-scale pattern by placing it close to a more sizeable design. Similarly, stripes can work brilliantly next to checks or circles. Stop short of completely covering rooms in patterns though, because this can spell design disaster. To give your eyes a rest, make sure you break up your patterns with neutral tones.

To get your creative juices flowing, try to find fabrics with appealing patterns on them. They can form the basis of your entire design scheme. For example, curtains and blinds are a great place to start, and you can get plenty of design inspiration by checking out the materials supplied by window dressing specialists like The Blinds Company. If you’re too timid to display contrasting designs in big and well-used areas like your lounge, start off in small spaces such as guest bathrooms.

Design features must match

Matching design features are a common sight thanks to traditional home showrooms. From kitchens fully kitted out in chrome to lounge spaces featuring uniformly coloured soft furnishings, this rule makes its impact felt throughout your property. By adopting a different approach though, you can create a home with added personality. Don’t be afraid to mix things up when you’re choosing your textiles and furnishings. From turquoise lamps to orange cushions, there are a host of products out there that can help you to inject some added pizzazz into your property.

Don’t feel constrained when you’re choosing your hardware either. Mixing metals, timbers and other materials when you’re selecting worktops, sinks, handles, furnishings and more can give your rooms an organic look, and it makes a welcome break from polished catalogue chic.

Ceilings should be left white

You might never have even considered painting your ceilings anything other than white. If this is the case, now’s the time to rethink your strategy! Ok, so coloured ceilings can be a little oppressive in small spaces, but in large rooms they’re a great way to make a style statement. To really turn things on their head, why not keep your walls plain and paint your ceiling in a vibrant hue?

Breaking the rules home decor colours and patterns

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