Brand Spotlight: CLINIQUE

The first moisturiser I ever purchased with my own money was from Clinique. I was a sad, spotty teenager when I fell in love with the Dramatically Different Moisturiser – that little bottle took pride of place on the bathroom counter for many years! So I’ve always held a bit of a soft spot for Clinique, and was super excited to try more of their products. They keep their range fairly focused, and products are perfected early on so once they’re released, they’re generally here to stay. Which is an accomplishment in a world full of fast-fashion and ever-changing trends!

Clinique Brand Spotlight

Launching in 1968, Clinique paved the way for dermatologist-developed skincare. Their ethos is ‘maximum results without irritation’, and they work hard to avoid ingredients that could potentially harm skin. I think this is why my 30-something skin loves it just as much now as when I was a teenager!

As a double-cleanse fanatic, I couldn’t wait to use the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm*. Winner of the 2017 Beauty Heaven ‘Best in Beauty’ category, it melts away makeup in the blink of an eye. The solid balm transforms into a silky oil upon application, and just one rinse is enough to take off an entire face of makeup. Waterproof mascara, matte lipstick – you name it, it’s gone! The gentle, lightweight formula is deceptively efficient yet completely non-greasy, so your skin feels baby soft after use. Perfect as a pre-cleanse for a full face of makeup, you can also get away with using it alone if you’ve had a makeup free day. I can’t rave about this enough, it’s the perfect cleansing balm!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

I was intrigued by the Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%*, which promised younger-looking skin in just 7 days. The unique tube isolates the pure vitamin C powder in a sealed chamber, which you can release by pressing the button and shaking to mix it with a soothing serum. I developed my own little routine to put it to the test – I used it alone every second night, and with moisturiser the rest of the time. And I noticed a huge difference even after the first application! My skin cleared up and was noticeably brighter and more radiant. It encouraged even-toned skin and helped me achieve that sought-after glow. I tend to use a lot of acids in skincare, so if it’s your first time then using the booster on its own might be too much given how potent it is, but I found that it was completely non-irritating. And the light orange scent made it pleasant to apply. At $35/tube or $108 for a pack of 4, it’s not exactly cheap. But the difference it’s made to my skin, and the fact that you wouldn’t be using it for weeks at a time, makes it so worth the cost. I’ll definitely be getting more once this baby is born, and the lack of sleep starts to take its toll!

The absolute holy grail of Clinique moisturisers is their new Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator*. This is an old favourite that’s been given a facelift, now with 2x the hydration thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid, activated aloe water and caffeine. This helps skin to create its own internal water source, keeping you hydrated non-stop for 72 hours, even if you wash it in between! The addition of aloe is a big win for me – I remember snapping aloe off a plant we had in the backyard as a kid. It began as a soothing cure for sunburn, and I quickly learnt to use it when my skin had any kind of irritation. It cools, calms and gives intense hydration, so it makes sense that Clinique would use it to increase the power of their already-amazing Moisture Surge. The gel formula absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. You can use it on its own, over your regular moisturiser as a hydration booster, as a 5-minute mask or even as a cuticle cream! It minimises fine lines and leaves you with a healthy, dewy complexion. My skin just soaks it up – I’ve almost forgotten what dry skin feels like!

Clinique Moisture Surge and Fresh Pressed

Do you remember your first ‘grown up’ skincare purchase?


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