Bellabox Limited Edition Nourished Life Box

Treat yourself and the environment with this limited edition Nourished Life x bellabox collaboration! Packed full of all organic goodies, this box sits outside the regular bellabox subscription service, so anyone can get their hands on it.

I was so excited when I found out that two iconic Australian brands were coming together to create this unique box! Nourished Life was born out of the desire to find organic, cruelty-free, toxin-free health & beauty products that were good for the body – and I love that bellabox are embracing this ethos and bringing new brands to their own audience. Plus, it’s a great introduction to subscription boxes without the commitment!

Bellabox x Nourished Life organic subscription box

This was actually my first beauty box – and going through the perfectly curated products was like my very own Christmas in July. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was inside!! Serious value for money, and such an incredible way to trial different products. With up to $250 in value, it’s totally worth the $79.95 price tag.

But you’d better be quick – the bellabox Limited Edition Nourished Life Box* is on sale from 6 July and won’t stick around for long!

So let’s take a peek inside…

//    FACE    //

bellabox x Nourished Life face

Bellabox x Nourished Life face RosehipPlus Pure Mukti Happy Skincare

It felt really comforting to spot one of my favourites, the RosehipPlus Organic Daily Cream Cleanser (RRP $16.95), when I first opened the box. This delicate cleanser combines rosehip, jojoba and sea buckthorn oils to gently remove makeup while keeping the skin hydrated. I’m a big fan of this brand, and featured their rosehip roll-on in my Skincare Travel Essentials post.

The Pure Papaya Ointment (RRP $9.95) is a multi-purpose balm that provides nourishing relief to dry skin, with the addition of calendula to soothe irritations. It’s a lot creamier than other pawpaw balms I’ve tried, and provides long-lasting hydration and protection.

Two facial oil samples made me very happy indeed! The first thing I noticed when I opened the Mukti Organics Age Defiance Vital C Elixir (RRP $109.95 for 30ml) was the gorgeous lemon scent – but beyond that, it promises to fight free radicals, photo-ageing and wrinkles, keeping your skin smooth & youthful. It does absorb quickly, and I needed 3-4 drops to cover my face. And for an oil with stronger hydrating properties, the Happy Skincare Good Vibes Omega Face Oil (RRP $38.50 for 30ml) delivers the goods! Boasting five different omega oils, this nourishing formula also balances oily skin and relieves stress.

Bellabox x Nourished Life lips 100 pure salt and glow

I couldn’t wait to try the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss (RRP $24.95), because it’s a brand I’ve heard great things about. This is made from strawberry and raspberry extracts to give gorgeous colour, plus raw beeswax, shea butter and resveratrol (yep, the antioxidant in red wine!) keep your lips 100% smooth. I actually really love this, because it’s not a super sticky gloss, and the colour is just enough to create a you, but better vibe 😉

Interestingly, the Salt + Glow Be Still Lip Balm (RRP $5.80) is recommended for use at night, claiming to replenish and repair your lips while you sleep. Such a unique idea, and one I can definitely get behind – sleeping is the only time I’m not eating, drinking, or nervously biting my lips! Scented with lavender and orange, this is calming and uplifting – with all the usual benefits of a good quality lip balm. Also, the first item in their ingredients list is: LOVE. Too cute!

Bellabox x Nourished Life limited edition box Inika highlighter and fan brush

One for the beauty buffs! The Inika Organic Baked Illuminisor (RRP $65.00) and Vegan Fan Brush (RRP $39.00) look so luxe, and including them in the box is a super generous move, sure to get everyone excited! The baked highlighter was the first thing I opened, and it took a lot of self control not to start using it straight away. It gives a sheer, iridescent glow, and the fan brush – the first I’ve owned – makes it so easy to apply. This is a an absolute dream duo!

//    BODY    //

Bellabox x Nourished Life body

Bellabox x Nourished Life black chicken deodorant paste charcoal soap

I’ve been curious about natural deodorants, and have previously talked about my issues with sweating, so I was super curious about how the Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste (RRP $18.50 for 75g) would stack up. Completely invisible when applying, I actually wore this to work and didn’t notice any excess sweating, or unpleasant body odour – and neither did my colleagues, thankfully! Plus, it has a subtle, woody scent and doesn’t clog your sweat glands. A great little sampler for those who are interested in trying a natural deodorant, but don’t want to commit to a full-size product! I’ll be interested to see how this fares in a stressful situation.

Charcoal is everywhere in skincare at the moment, and the Life Basics Activated Charcoal Body Soap with Lemongrass is something I’ll be adding to the shower as soon as I’ve hit the ‘publish’ button on this post! I have a good feeling about this one. The activated charcoal removes dirt and impurities, making it ideal for oily skin or a post-gym shower. Plus the nourishing coconut, olive and sunflower seed oils will leave your skin soothed and moisturised, and the lemongrass scent is warm and invigorating.

Bellabox x Nourished Life ethique beauty bar sampler

How cute is the little Ethique Sampler box?! It contains 5 solid beauty bars: Frizz Wrangler shampoo, Damage Control shampoo, The Guardian Conditioner, Bliss Bar Face Cleaner & Body Wash Bar. These are a great introduction to sustainable soaps – with no bottles in sight. Damage Control is probably my favourite by scent (peppermint!) but I think I’ll love The Guardian the most. What a great idea! I’ve never used a solid shampoo and conditioner before and it will be an interesting experience to start!

Bellabox x Nourished Life zen matcha egyptian magic

Last but not least, two samples that will make waking up much a better experience! I’ll be lathering my arms in Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream (RRP $49.95 for 118ml), which I’ve never tried before but I know is an absolute cult favourite. You can’t help but be impressed by a product that does it all – it repairs dry skin, soothes scars, tames frizzy hair, hydrates chapped lips and relieves eczema.

And I’ll relish the opportunity to have a cup of Zen Green Matcha Tea Powder (RRP $29.95 for 60g) in the morning. Just mix 1/4 of a teaspoon into hot water and you’ll notice an increase in your metabolism, energy and mood, alongside a healthier immune system and clearer skin. What’s not to love? Starting the day with matcha is a great habit to take up!

And that’s it. All 13 of the gorgeous, organic, cruelty-free products that you’ll find inside the bellabox Limited Edition Nourished Life Box, curated by the founder of Nourished Life, Irene Falcone. The woman definitely has an eye for quality, and I think she’s done an incredible job putting together this box. I’ve been really spoilt with my first subscription box experience – not sure how anything else will compare now!!

bellabox Limited Edition Nourished Life Box
RRP $79.95  (with $250 value)
On sale 6 July 2017, available for a limited time

What product would you love most from the bellabox x Nourished Life collab?


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