Before and after: the haircut edition

I think it all started when I saw Safe Haven earlier this year. I fell in love with Julianne Hough’s haircut, and wondered how it would look on someone with fine hair (unfortunately, mine is not as thick and glorious as her hair – little bit of a girl crush over here…)

Then winter came, banishing any thoughts of cutting my hair shorter. But now the sun is coming out, we’re less than a month away from spring, and I happened to come across this photo of Jessica Alba. With… ‘the lob’, or long bob.

That was it. I saved the photo to my phone, obsessed over it for 2 weeks, and last night I walked myself into my local Just Cuts to get it over with (don’t judge, my hair is so straight and easy that I really can’t justify spending $90!)

So this was me yesterday morning… comfortable hiding behind my mane of long ratty hair.

Haircut before photo - long locks

Followed by me last night, all fresh and funky and in desperate need of some styling tips!

Haircut after photo - the lob!

Do you have any plans for a new do? What do you think of the ‘lob’ (long bob)?

And – most importantly – do you have any styling tips or products I should know about to help me with my new look!?

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  • Looks great! Get some hair styling powder – V05, Schwarzkopf and Fudge all make cheap ones you can buy at Priceline/supermarket – it is god for volume and rock star tousle.

    • I’ve been curious about powder, it sounds appealing because my hair can get quite oily & weighed down with product. A colleague is now bringing some in for me to try on Monday.. so thanks for the tip!

    • I tried a small amount of the Schwarzkopf Volumising Powder last week – on one of the windiest days this year! Probably not the best idea, so I think I’ll need to wait a while before I try it again, but it definitely gave me volume and an easier texture to work with. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Looks amazing! A new haircut can make you feel so fresh 🙂 You could try out a Gatsby inspired 20s bob with curls? That’d be awesome 🙂

    • … I’m going to have to invest in a curling iron one of these days. I’m all backwards & clumsy with my ghd. And curls with this shorter cut would be lots of fun!

      • Yeah I recently bought a curling iron (one without a clamp) and I find it so much easier and quicker than GHD curls. Not to mention the curl looks better without the kink from the clamp 😉

  • I did the same years back and went for the lob. I really like this look, and it suits you great, highlights your facial features well 🙂 I would recommened using a waxing spray, something like Lee Stafford or Paul Mitchell. Gives it texture and lift if you want a less smooth style :)xx

    Heroine In Heels

    • Aw thank you! It’s so different but it feels good, and compliments help 😉

      I would never have considered a waxing spray with longer hair, but I think it could look really funky now.. will definitely give it a go, thanks!

  • Love it! I just got 20cm cut off my hair a couple of weeks ago – but my hair is now around the length of your before photo. But I want to cut another chunk off already! 😛 I really like the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray. Amy x

    • Wow, you must feel so much lighter! I love the look of super long hair, but mine is so fine that it just looks unkempt & full of split ends if I let it grow too far beyond my shoulders. I have used the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash before, but I haven’t tried any styling products – how much of the Hair Resort Spray would you need to use each time?

  • Love you’re New cut! So fresh and it really suits you. I have fine hair too… I love my volumising sprays, heat protectants and oils. I generally steer clear of most styling products so it’ll be interesting what your readers suggest 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment, I’m slowly getting used to it – it always takes a good week before I feel comfortable again! I did try some Schwazrkopf Volume Powder, which might have worked, except I then went out in some seriously windy weather – so now my opinion of it is a bit tainted, because my hair just became one giant knot! But it was fun to venture outside my normal smoothing creme bubble, so I’ll definitely be trying more 🙂