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About Amy | The Foolish Obsession

Amy is a bunny-owning, floral-loving Sydney girl, excited to bring her love of Australian beauty, skincare & lifestyle services to a larger audience.

  • I like the idea of them but am a bit overwhelmed with all the unnatural ingredients and animal testing. Last time I checked The Body Shop offered a BB cream but it didn’t have sunscreen so I didn’t bother. If I’m feeling lazy, I put my moisturiser (which has built-in sunscreen) with my liquid foundation, rub it into my hands and then rub it onto my face.

    • I personally don’t own any – I have tried BB and CC creams, but the multi-use aspect can actually be a downside for sensitive skin! But if you are using all of the products anyway, I can see the benefits. Still, it was really interesting researching the differences between all of them.

      • I think it’s great if you’re a bit lazy. I take a bit more care now because I have a bit more time in the mornings. I wonder, what’s to stop you making your own BB cream out of your favourite products?

        • There are actually a few DIY articles floating around on Google, and they seem to state “moisturiser + sunscreen + foundation = BB cream”, so I’m sure if you’re happy with what you use normally then you could definitely try combining them to save time! It would just depend on the cost of doing this I suppose, and whether they mix without separating. Trial and error!

  • turnherintolit

    Definitely going to try the CC cream now for redness 🙂

  • this is an awesome reference sheet thank you so much!

  • Never knew EE existed haha!

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