How being a beauty blogger changed my views on beauty

How being a beauty blogger changed my views on beauty

There’s nothing quite as confronting as taking selfies with a macro lens. Every little flaw shows up. Every dry patch/oily patch/pimple/wrinkle/imperfection you could possibly imagine. But life as a beauty blogger means taking these photos regularly, and analysing them to the point of insanity. You’re forced to become overly familiar with your body, your face and your skin type. But luckily, this degree of intimacy inevitably leads to a new level of appreciation for the skin you’re in. And as I celebrate 2 years of blogging, I want to take a look at how my views on “beauty” have evolved.

Why becoming a beauty blogger helped with my anxiety

Being comfortable in my own skin is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I was a shy child, and this morphed into severe anxiety when I hit adolescence. I’ve never been satisfied with the way I look, and tend to avoid mirrors in public. So while the decision to start blogging about beauty & skincare back in 2013 might be exciting and natural to some, it felt completely alien to me. I didn’t start this blog because I wanted to share my knowledge & confidence; I started in the hopes I would gain knowledge & confidence.

We all have our own ideals of beauty. Whether they come from celebrities or friends, we know what “beautiful” is when we see it. And the features I think of as beautiful are often ones I don’t have myself -I know, I’m my own worst enemy! But you can understand how launching myself into the blogging world was pretty intimidating. I worried at first that it would be like high school on a global platform, full of bitchy pretty girls with glossy hair and unattainable cheekbones. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in, that I wouldn’t be taken seriously as beauty blogger.

But you know what? These “beautiful” people that I’ve been so fascinated with are just more confident, savvy versions of myself. That ridiculously glossy hair is probably thanks to hair extensions, and those cheekbones are down to a bit of sneaky contouring. Being privy to the tricks of the trade has opened my eyes to just how fluid “beauty” really is. And ironically, knowing what products can be used to ‘fix’ my perceived problems has actually made me more comfortable with how I look naturally!

The beauty blogger community are so real, and this has been such a delight to discover. They embrace their flaws, and love finding new ways to either hide them or enhance them. Suddenly my big nose, oily skin and flat hair have found people who understand – and who are super keen to offer solutions, or to whinge along with me!

I’m so glad I dived in and found my place here. It’s had an enormous impact on how I view people around me, and more importantly, how I view myself. The biggest change for me is that my definition of a “beautiful” person is now based around personality and the ability to embrace your own unique features, rather than fitting some cookie-cutter description that was fed to me in my teen years. And I’ve never felt more beautiful.

In a nutshell…

You only get the one body, so look after it, love it, and find a way to be happy with it. After all, beauty is different for everyone, and who am I to say that I’m not beautiful?


[image source: María Victoria Heredia Reyes]

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