Haircare Highlight: Aveda Damage Remedy

I’m pretty tough on my hair. It’s naturally straight, so I tend to take it for granted and don’t really give it the care it deserves. While I don’t colour or style it very often, I brush it when it’s wet, and blow-dry most days. So when a bundle of Aveda Damage Remedy products landed on my desk, I was lured in by the promise of stronger hair!

Aveda Damage Remedy haircare

Aveda are well known for their innovations in botanical haircare, combining modern science with Ayurvedic practice to develop high performance products that nurture the mind & body. Their passion for our environment carries across into their business practices as well, providing a commitment to sustainable products and utilising wind power in their manufacturing process.

So it makes sense that they would combine their interests to develop a haircare range that targets damaged hair, particularly damage caused by environmental stressors. The four leading types of damage are:

  • Chemical – destroys elasticity and leads to high porosity hair (meaning it retains extra moisture, which can stretch and weaken your hair strands)
  • Heat – makes hair brittle and fragile, increasing breakage
  • Environmental – pollution and temperature variations can dull hair and trigger increased hair fall
  • Physical – brushing and styling can wear away the hair’s cuticle, leading to increased split ends

Eek! Weak, brittle, split ends… this is my hair to a tee, so it’s no wonder my usual rotation of oil-busting and volumising products don’t help the overall condition of my hair! Luckily the Damage Remedy range contain quinoa, a protein which is packed with essential amino acids to help fill in damaged cuticles, so I’m well on my way to smooth, touchable locks.

The first step in this comeback crew is the Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo*. It’s main job is to gently wash away oil and pollutants, and it does this using surfactants derived from babassu oil. Surfactants work to draw dirt and grease from the hair and wash all the nastiness away, and employing a naturally-derived surfactant does this without stripping the hair of its good oils. It lathers lightly, so if you’re used to supermarket-brand shampoos, you’ll need to spend a little extra time working this through your hair. However, one wash is enough to leave my hair feeling clean and fresh.

The Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner* continues the defense against damage. It glides through my hair, detangling with ease and helping to prevent breakage by protecting each strand. I love that this washes out clean, without the grimy residue I get from some conditioners. My hair feels soft and smooth after each use!

The trio is completed with the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair*, a leave-in cream that instantly fortifies the hair’s surface. This is particularly important to use before blow-drying or styling your hair with heat, as it provides protection against thermal damage up to 450 degrees! I use this daily to safeguard my strands against breakage, and the lightweight formula doesn’t weight my hair down, or leave it feeling oily. It absorbs quickly and I feel confident in the knowledge that my hair is being looked after all day long.

The range is scented with Aveda’s own “pure-fume” aroma, which is created with bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang essential oils. It’s a light, comforting scent that doesn’t linger.

Aveda Damage Remedy

Two more products are available to round out the range: Split End Repair and Intensive Restructing Treatment.

* I was sent these samples from Estée Lauder ANR to trial. All opinions are my own.

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