Australia’s Most Expensive Street

Sydney Harbour from above by Sunsplash Photography

Wondering where to spend your millions? We suggest buying a house in Raglan Street, Mosman. Raglan Street runs all the way from the harbour side of Mosman, just across from Taronga Zoo, through to gorgeous Balmoral Beach. And a new report from has revealed that it is currently the most expensive street* in Australia, with 297 houses valued at more than $1 million. (*note that this report doesn’t include apartments)

Now, the fact that 99.9% of the houses are over $1 million isn’t surprising – the Boy and I laughed our way through an auction in Lane Cove recently that saw a 2 bedroom apartment backing onto Epping Road go for $705,000 – but it’s the fact that there are only 300 houses in the street that really got me going. What’s wrong with the remaining 3 houses to keep them under the $1 million mark? Add a cellar I say. Surely a good cellar adds an extra million, right?

I have collated a handful of the more spectacular houses lining Raglan Street below – it’s photos like these that keep me reading the Mosman Daily every week!

Do you have a dream street or suburb?

11 and 214B Raglan Street, Mosman

136, 138, 200, and 212 Raglan Street, Mosman


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