My Australia Day 2018 Playlist

Whatever day you decide to celebrate it, every Australia Day needs a good playlist! And with so many crazy good local artists around, I decided to put together a small list of 20 tunes that will be perfect for a backyard bbq, which is exactly what I have planned.

The Foolish Obsession Australia Day Playlist

This isn’t your typical Men at Work, pub-classics playlist (no matter how disappointed my husband is!) nor is it an homage to Triple J. It’s a random mix of songs I love, that will really set the scene for a day in the sun with my mates. I’ve included a little bit of everything, from classics, to indie folk, to electric, to pop, ending with the ultimate party sing-a-long song! I can’t wait to grab a cider and hit play.

Big thanks to my gorgeous insta family for their suggestions – I asked for their faves in my stories and got some great responses. We have such an eclectic music culture here in Australia, and I had way too many songs to choose from. Think I’ll need to put together playlists more often!

– TFO’s Australia Day 2018 Playlist –

Tell me your thoughts! Any hits? How about misses? My music preferences can be all over the place, but I’ve tried to make sure the songs flow so it doesn’t feel totally erratic. It was tough to work my way from Crowded House to Peter Andre, but I think I managed! And to be honest it was a whole lot of fun putting the Spotify playlist together, re-discovering some old faves along the way.

Combine this with my makeup look from last year, and you’ll be set for an Australia Day to remember this year. Or to look at photos of the next day and try to remember…

Aussie Aussie Aussie 😉

What’s on your ultimate Australia Day playlist?


*images courtesy of Pixabay and Unsplash

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