Your Australia Day #fotd made easy with LUMA



Australia Day events often revolve around being outdoors – whether it’s at the park, the beach, or your mates place – so you need a look that appears flawless, with minimal effort, to help beat the heat. I was drawn to one of Australia’s most natural beauties, supermodel Jessica Hart, for my inspiration in putting together an effortless, natural look. While she spends an obscene amount of time sitting in makeup chairs, she prefers a simple, no-fuss routine when she’s off duty, favouring subtle products that enhance what she already has. In creating LUMA, her natural cosmetics range, Jess “wanted to share a few tricks of the trade, so anyone can know how to enhance their natural features or have an effortless natural glow”. So using just 3 products from the LUMA range, I have attempted to get some of the infamous Jess Hart glow for myself – and have created the ideal ‘face of the day’ for the long weekend!


LUMA Tinted Moisturiser with SPF15 – Light* ($24.95)  This is a lightweight moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen in one, making it a powerful ally when you’re getting ready in a hurry, or when it’s a hot day and the thought of applying more than one layer makes you feel claustrophobic. It’s sheer, but it has amazing staying power, so you can easily build coverage to suit – and it claims to have ‘a breathable second-skin effect’ which sounds creepy, but is surprisingly accurate. But the best part is that it definitely gives your skin that fresh, dewy look people are always gushing about! It evens out imperfections and improves skin elasticity thanks to pomegranate oil (which is rich in vitamin C), rosehip oil, vitamin E & A, and Omega 6 oils. I also love the matte feel of the tube, with the glossy raised text – but it’s practical too, with a snap-close lid that would survive at the bottom of even the most thrown-around handbag.

LUMA Illuminating Highlighter* ($24.95)  We’ve all experienced the disappointment of buying a highlighter or illuminator, only to discover it’s WAAAY too shimmery, right? Well, go straight to your local LUMA stockist, and you will never have to worry about that again. There’s a reason why this is Jessica’s favourite product in the range: it’s perfection. It provides a healthy flush that highlights the skin – and while I know ‘shimmer’ is the right word to describe what it does, that somehow feels too tacky. It’s more of a luminous, pearlescent glow. I used it on my cheekbones and browbone to really ‘lift’ my face and help these parts catch the light, but you could also use it on the bridge of the nose and décolletage. The mirror inside is great for those sneaky mid-event touch-ups.

LUMA Sheer Lipstick – Nude Shimmer* ($19.95)  Another product that boasts multiple uses, this is a balm, conditioner and lipstick all rolled into one! And while I was hesitant at the idea of a lipstick with shimmer in the title, LUMA do shimmer differently. The subtle luminescence has completely won me over, and this lipstick will perfectly complement any natural look, enhancing the natural colour of your lips. Enriched with beeswax and candelilla wax to provide a glossy barrier, avocado, evening primrose and calendula oils, full of vitamins and fatty acids, to deeply moisturise and reduce inflammation, and shea butter for intense nourishment. My only complaint is the packaging – it’s so flimsy! It jiggles inside when you shake it, and when you wind it closed, it never reaches a stopping point, it just keeps clicking past it. So this one will be staying at home, as I don’t trust leaving it in my handbag.

Now I was going to splash photos of Jessica Hart all over this post, but come on – who in their right mind would put a photo of themselves in direct comparison to someone who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal and Seafolly? Exactly. So below are some photos of my face, looking deliciously fresh and dewy, with a perfectly subtle lip to match (plus my Australis brow tint and a Natio mascara). If you have combination/oily skin, make sure to also use a primer underneath, and a soft dusting of powder over the top may be required, especially if it’s a hot day.


What’s your go-to product to get you through a hot day?

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