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If it’s made, owned or designed locally, I want to know about it!

The Foolish Obsession is a lifestyle blog with an exclusive interest in Australian products and services. We believe that it is so important to support local trade, and we want to make this easier for our readers by introducing them to Australian brands, demonstrating the massive variety and quality that exists in our own backyard. The focus is on women’s interests, such as beauty, skincare, food, travel and personal development. TFO aims to inspire confidence and creativity in our readers, while continuing to educate them in a fun, accessible way.

Meet the Editor

I’m Amy, a 27 year old marketer with a passion for bold brows, healthy hair and  easy routines. I’m enthusiastic, curious and impulsive – at one point I chopped off my locks based entirely on Julianne Hough’s haircut in Safe Haven!

I live in Sydney with my gorgeous fiancé and our floppy eared friend. I eat far too much cheese, and am naturally suspicious of people who believe in ‘left over wine’. After working for 5 years in publishing, I was inspired to find my own creative outlet, pouring my love of writing, photography, learning and socialising into the one platform.

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