A bouquet of colour from Ulta3

Nail polish flower bouquet Ulta3

With the ever-changing weather in Sydney right now, I can’t seem to get my outfits right. I’m either sweating or shivering. The one thing I can rely on? My nails looking good! They aren’t affected by heatwaves or thunderstorms, and I have found 3 of the perfect colours to go with everything.

All three nail colours have the same bottle and brush. For only $2 a bottle, the 13ml capacity is beyond generous, given that a 15ml OPI polish retails for $19.95. And the brushes are on the small side, but they spread evenly and the formula doesn’t clump, so where you save on money you spend on a little extra time.

Ulta 3 Emerald Inten-city

Ulta3 nail colour in emerald inten-city* is a muted, pastel green that I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. It’s definitely not as bright or as deep as the name suggests. It has slightly blue/grey undertones, so it’s the ideal green for people with pale skin, or for those who aren’t quite sure about green yet. Pop it on your toes to start – you won’t regret it! It only took 2 coats for it to be opaque, but wouldn’t hurt to make time for a third.

Ulta 3 Strawberry Sundae

Ulta3 nail colour in strawberry sundae* is exactly what you would expect from the name – it’s a bright, girlie pink that screams Barbie dolls and fairy bread. This colour will never go out of fashion, and is the ultimate for long summer days. This is the thickest formula of the three bottles, and definitely only needs 2 coats to become completely opaque.

Ulta3 Orange Blossom

Ulta3 nail colour in orange blossom* looked great in the bottle, but I was a bit disappointed once I tried it. It does take a good 3-4 coats due to the formula being thinner than the other colours, and I think it just didn’t stand out enough against my skin. You would need to have really pale skin, or really dark skin, to avoid it looking wishy-washy (that’s the technical term, you know). The colour does look great in the bottle, it just didn’t translate onto my nails.


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