3 steps to smooth feet with Lush

Plenty of people have issues with their feet, but because they’re allll the way down there, we tend to ignore them. Or we paint our toenails to distract from our rough, calloused heels. But wouldn’t it be better if we had smooth feet all the time, with minimal effort?

I’ve recently discovered the foot care range from Lush, which offers exactly that – products that promise sandal-ready feet in a flash. They also have a few sneaky offerings for feet stuck in enclosed shoes all day, to make them go from pee-ew to woohoo!

Smooth feet with Lush foot care

Step 1: encourage smooth feet

Thanks to the Pumice Power Foot Soap*, I’ve developed a nightly routine of soaking my feet in warm water for 10 minutes, and then scrubbing away. It’s surprisingly relaxing, and the pumice/soap combo is super effective at washing and rejuvenating the rough, tired skin on my feet. The product keeps its’ shape even after multiple uses, and while not as effective as 100% pumice, it’s fantastic for feet that need a little extra TLC. Plus, the sweet orange oil smells divine!

Step 2: moisturise silky feet

Once my feet are dry, I reach for my tub of Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion* and lather it all over my freshly cleaned feet. This rich cream softens skin, boosts circulation and reduces swelling. Plus, peppermint doesn’t just smell delicious – it also has endothermic qualities, meaning it will stimulate and warm cold feet, or cool and refresh hot feet. The perfect all-rounder! I like to follow this up with some big ol’ bed socks in winter, to ensure I wake up to silky feet.

Step 3: banish smelly feet

Given that I wear enclosed shoes every single day for work (#corporatelife), and I get claustrophobic wearing stockings in hot weather, the Twinkle Toes Dusting Powder* has been an absolute godsend. It keeps my feet fresh & non-sweaty even on the most stressful days. TMI? Come on – it’s a foot post, what did you expect! But luckily, my feet are decidedly not-gross anymore, and my shoes last a lot longer now. Simply sprinkle some powder in your palm, rub onto the soles of your feet, and slip them into your shoes. The powder is not as heavy as talc, and has a light, floral scent. Plus, it also contains antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients to keep your feet healthy and happy all day long!

Lush Twinkle Toes and Pumice Power

Lush Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion

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