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Summer is here, which means 3 months of long, lazy days soaking up the sun. While that sounds wonderful and relaxing, it can also play havoc with your skin if you’re not prepared. So I have put together a couple of my personal favourites for looking after my skin, from face to feet, over the warmer months.

Plunkett’s Hi-Potency 90% Pure Aloe Vera Moisturiser* ($16.95)  When I was growing up, we had an out-of-control aloe vera plant in our backyard. It was enormous, and I have fond memories of slicing into the leaves and smothering my arms and legs in aloe gel whenever I got a little too much sun. However, there isn’t always the time or the space to use real aloe vera, so I’m happy to report that this moisturiser is a the perfect compromise. Don’t be put off by the word ‘moisturiser’ though. It combines the cooling and soothing properties of 90% pure organic aloe with the skin restoring properties of Vitamin E, so it doesn’t hold the heat in like normal moisturisers do, if you’re using it to treat sunburn. The powerful mix of ingredients helps to refresh and hydrate dry, itchy or burnt skin, and having aloe vera as the key ingredient keeps it light enough to properly penetrate the skin and increase water retention. Suitable for all skin types, and the bottle is secure enough to take with you. Fun fact: it also takes the sting out of insect bites!

Premium Spa SOS Foot Balm* ($9.99)  Summer equals open-toe shoes. Wedges, sandals, thongs, they all put your feet on display, so it’s time to start taking care of them! Nail polish just isn’t enough ladies. You need a powerful moisturiser to keep your soles and heels supple and refreshed – and this foot balm ticks ALL of the boxes! It uses rosemary for its anti-fungal properties, tea tree and eucalyptus for their antiseptic properties, cocoa butter to deeply moisturise and citrus mint to refresh and deodorise. The balm is thick and creamy, and while it absorbs fast enough that you don’t need to put a pair of socks on afterwards, I still like to, so I can take full advantage of the nourishment. A little bit goes a long way, and the scent is pleasantly minty (“It’s been two weeks, and all we’ve done is make her face smell like a foot” – Janis Ian, Mean Girls).

Le Tan Coconut 30+ Lotion ($10.99 for 125ml)  I used to shudder at the word coconut used on a sunscreen, as it reminds me of my poor father, slathering himself in coconut oil before going outside, convinced it would help him tan so he could fit in with his olive-skinned wife and kids! (He ended up burnt and peeling every time – so thankful I got my mothers skin!). But the wonderful people at Le Tan have combined the fast-absorbing, soothing and moisturising benefits of coconut oil with the UVA and UVB protection of SPF30+, and this little beauty is a staple in my beach bag. It is light enough that it gives great coverage, and you don’t end up with a white sheen; however, I would still reapply every hour simply because I’m paranoid, and feel like an absolute idiot if I get sunburnt. Seriously, we all know better. So stock up on this lotion and enjoy the delicious coconut scent.

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NAT. Face Vitamin C Serum* ($75)  This serum has fast become one of my favourite products. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, it gives you a nutrient-rich boost without clogging your skin. The 8% vitamin C is a powerful anti-ageing extract, making it ideal for protecting skin in the harsh Australian sun, and it also uses milk thistle and sea buckthorn extracts to soften and smooth. It lightens pigmentation and assists with cell regeneration, encouraging skin elasticity and hydration. It claims to boost collagen production, and my skin has definitely felt clearer and plumper since I started using it. Plus, it smells delicious, and you only need 1 small pump to cover you face (maybe 2-3 if you suffer from dry or damaged skin). I use it mainly at night after cleansing, but I can also use it during the day and my skin doesn’t break out.

Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear* ($32)  SPF is a no-brainer when the sun comes out, but I know plenty of people struggle using it on their face. But this 3-in-1 moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation uses a lightweight, low-irritant formula, so it is ideal for anyone who has been hesitant to use sunscreen on a daily basis. It is created using micronised zinc oxide, which is invisible to the eye yet reflects UVA and UVB rays, giving everyday protection. The use of micronised particles rather than nanoparticles eliminates the risk of the zinc oxide making its way into your bloodstream, and forms a physical barrier between your skin and the sun. The finish is quite sheer so you will still need to use a finishing powder at the very least to avoid that sticky, shiny sunscreen sheen. – previously reviewed HERE

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum* ($165)  For whatever reason, warm weather leaves me reaching for fresh, botanical-based products, and this serum contains Jurlique’s exclusive Naturadiance PB18+, which is a botanical complex that works within the layers of the skin to help rebalance, condition, soften, soothe, hydrate and help deliver radiant skin. It contains Persian Silk Extract to strengthen skin cell capacity to shield against environmental stress, Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract to boost micro-circulation and smooth skin, and Peach Leaf Extract to recover skin vitality and promote cellular regeneration. It only takes 2 small pumps to cover my entire face & neck, and at night I use one more for my décolletage. Perfect for people who are only beginning to notice the first signs of ageing, plus it has a gorgeous rose/lavender scent to it, so is relaxing to use. – previously reviewed HERE

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